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General rules for writing an essay
Advancedwriters reviews are a special type of writing, where the author has not just to understand the chosen topic, but also to present his point of view on it. It is important to do it not in scientific language, but in simple conversational language, but without the "admixture" of jargon, youth slang and "profanity".

As such, there is no regulation on the structure of the essay, but the generally accepted form of this text includes several main sections: introduction, main material and conclusion.

The title should reflect the essence of the essay, show what the research will be about, what the author intends to study and show. The main thing here is not to overdo it: avoid complicated and long constructions, complicated and incomprehensible terms. The simpler the title, the better.

The introduction is designed to acquaint the audience with the upcoming research, to reflect the relevance of the chosen topic, to emphasize how interesting it is for the author, to reveal the key points. The section itself includes up to 5 sentences.

In the main part, the author shows the essence of the research, reveals the topic with the help of additional materials, and then necessarily reflects his point of view. It is important that all hypotheses and arguments are argued. This section takes about 2-4 paragraphs. Conciseness, capacity, conciseness, and logic are appreciated here.

In the conclusion it is necessary to bring readers to a specific conclusion, to make a general conclusion on the whole work. To do this, it is enough to write 3-4 sentences competently.

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