Q: How do I link to a specific record in one of the AppGini-generated tables?

Sometime, I want to send someone a link to one of the records in a table. I don’t want him to have to view all records first and then select one of them. I just want him to view the record in the detail view once he click the link.

A: Use SelectdID to link to records

Let’s assume your table is named orders for examlpe. To link to a specific record in that table, you should first know the value of the primary key field for that record. For example, let’s link to order number 10954. The URL should look like this:


You should of course change yourserver.com and path-to-appgini to your actual server name and path. So, if we want to link to the order 10954 in the orders table of the Northwind online demo, the URL should be: